Tuesday, December 30, 2008


The emotions are beginning to get extremely raw. This is Kalisa's latest collage - the one above - she gets older parts to help her with the "numbers" (letters) and what things say. And then she tells them what to write (type).
There are many blogs on DID - oh - they are there if you look. And there are some that ask for every one's help in this problem of child abuse and DID survivor abuse.
But the blogs and the plea for help are only as good as the people who see and hear what they say.
Sometimes an army is defeated.
Sometimes it only takes one person to defeat that army.

This - will take first a person who hears and believes.
That person can be you or someone you know, a doctor, a therapist - not necessarily a professional person - but that one person who is willing to help - listen and care.
If there is a doctor or a therapist out there who understands about DID/abuse from it and willing to working with a victim - maybe just maybe - that is where the army begins to be built.

With one person helping another person understand what is happening and being done to them - so they can try and make themselves safe and learn to cope and live a life where they do not need to fear to live.

Yes government needs to do something also - but while waiting for them to do something about it - what about helping the victims now? Where is the help that they need ever so badly today- right now?
Some victims are very lucky and they have an understanding therapist - but those therapists are few and far between.

What needs to be done to keep the therapists that are educated in this already to stay and help these victims? It is fine wanting to get more therapists educated- but what are the children right now suppose to do - keep suffering until more therapists are educated? How long will that take? No one is listening.
Children are suppose to suffer for how long?
Eyes nots wants toos subbers nos mores !!!!! Pease helps mees! Kawesa

Take my hand - help me.

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