Sunday, December 7, 2008


Dis is Kawesa
Dere bees nos mores bigs louds outs. Only wittles.
Biggses bees nos goodeds. Deys wies tos wittles.

Eyes foughts dats a bigs bees my friends and dens she habes mee putteds ins jails. Deys wockeds mees ups and madeds mees takeds offs my crows-es.

She sayeds dats she gennas takes mees for ice cremes and dens she too busys talkeds toos ebery bodies elses heres ons de wittle tb fings - she tell-wids mees she nots feels goodeds toos talkeds toos any bodys buts she wieds tos mees.
She justeds nots wants tos talkeds tos mees.
She bees talkeds toos ebery bodys elses wrights nows.

She sayeds dats she gennas gibes mees a wetters and dens she gibes ebery bodys elses wetters butts nots mees.

Eyes ebens madeds hers a picsures. Sees.

Eyes madeds utter picsures toos.

Eyes nots doeds nuff-fings toos hers toos makes hers maddeds ats mees.
Eyes bees a goodeds grwhirls.
Eyes nots helpeds dats de baddeds boyses getteds mees and doeds baddeds fings toos mees.
Eyes gibes hers my kiss-miss wists and eyes finkeds she nots wanteds my wists. My wists nots ebens makeds hers useds hers doll-wers.

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