Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Littles learn what hurt is before anything else.
Physical as well as emotional hurt.
And that is one thing that there seems to be an ever endless supply of.

Promises are the other thing - falls in the same category. A promise to them is the same as a hurt. Sometimes it just hurts more depending on who made the promise.

Lies are the same as promises and hurts. Littles dont want to hear what you think they want to hear - they want to hear the truth. Because the truth is better to hear and hurt then to hear a lie and be hurt by the lie.
The lie just makes trusting more difficult .

And trust - they give a person their trust - to a little giving a person their trust is the same as taking their heart and laying it on a plate and saying "Here -take it."

When that trust is broken it is the same as a lie and all the hurt in the world. To find out once again that you are only someone else's throw away garbage.
Unwanted, unloved, neglected, used, mentally abused.

Like the infant in a crib that is not nurtured - not touched - not talked to - not held - not caressed - just there - just there waiting to be hurt once again because that is all they have ever known in their short little lives.
posted by Carey - a little

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