Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Clean Up Crew

I see that the "Littles" are only going to let me out when needed!
They have clogged the kitchen sink/garbage disposal and need it unclogged!
They did a really good job at it!
A whole jug of drain opener- to unclog 20 pipes- didnt open it.
So I guess I am off to the store to get some red devil lye if they still sell that!
Just might have to get some donuts!
I noticed that if you are a damaged goods person you dont get any answers about any kind of help from one person.
For a person who says she wants to help with stopping the abuse and such - she needs to remember that it starts with a person like herself - someone to help stop the hurt that the abused person feels/felt.
Which is more important?
The person who needs the help now or the possibility that someone might read a blog and think about doing something?
Well I have to go and undo a "Littles" thing - I hope this isnt the beginning of something new in "my" life. Cleaning up after littles.
I am not use to children. - E

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