Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Dis Kawesa
Beff-knees justeds tell-wids mees eyes nots getteds nuff-fings fors
Alls eyes askeds fors was my friends she calleds mees ons de wittles phonses and she makeds mees new storys tapes.
She sayeds nos she nots doeds dats nos mores.

She bees toos busys wiffs her new friends. She getteds ons de wittle tb fings whens she getted ups and stayeds ons deres tills she goeds a beds ats nights. She nots habes nos timeses fors mees, or Nemos or Woo-cees or Winus or Shoulders or ebens Bry-ins. She bees justeds toos busys wiffs de wittle tbs fings. Dats makeds mees bees berry berry saddeds. Eyes crwhyeds a berry wonged timeses whens Beff-knees tell-wids mees dats.

My friends sayeds dats she lubs mees. Butts ifs she wheely lubs mees she nots hurteds mees and makeds me crwhys. She nots cares ifs de baddeds menses getteds mees. Ifs eyes wistens toos hers storys tapes dens eyes nots hears de baddeds menses and den eyes stayeds safests.
Sews she nots careds ifs eyes getteds hurted by de baddeds menses.

Eyes heareds de doc-ers. Dey tell-wids Wiz-biffs dats my hearts bees wheels
sickeds and dats eyes mights getteds deadeds soons. Eyes tell-wids my friends dats and she nots ebens cares. Wizz-biffs askeds hers ifs she comes toos bisits for we getteds deadeds and she sayeds nos.

Eyes bees sews confuseds. Eyes foughts she lubs mees. She tell-wids mees dats one timeses.
Sews nows eyes nebers habes a kiss-miss ebers agains.

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