Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Littles

We are doing OK by ourselves.
There are some bigs out there that say they are safe bigs but us older littles do not trust them. They are the ones that put us on a psych ward when we didnt need to be there.
All of us were aware of that little episode.
Kalisa just needed some therapy time with her therapist and things would have been OK.

And then we would not be left hanging as we are today.
Things would be different and Kalisa would not be so lost and alone.
She feels betrayed and abandoned once again.
Like a broken doll- someone picks it up and starts to fix it but then just lets it go and it is broken once again - only this time a little bit more broken and harder to fix the next time around.
One of these times that doll is going to shatter and there will not be any fixing left to be done.

But we are in control now - we have done away with all the bigs - and we are not going to let any outside bigs hurt us ever again!
This body may not have long to live so us littles are going to enjoy the time it has left here. And we dont care what anybody says!
We fooled them before and we can fool them again!

No one really cares. People just use words - just like they use other people.
If they really cared they would show it.
We havent talked to another big for over a week. That shows how much bigs "care" about you.
WE could be laying here dead and no one would know because no one cares enough to see if you are OK.

And that is the way of life that this body only knows.
Words - not actions.
The only actions are actions of hurt - both physical and emotional.
No actions of love, trust or real caring.
WE only have each other. There is no one else.
WE are OUR only family and friends.

People say they are your friend but when it comes down to it - they arent there for you when you need a "friend".
And then there are other people who make excuses as to why they cant come around even though you know they are just making up excuses - they could be there for you if they really, truly cared about you. Once again - just words - no actions.

So when something happens to this body - no one will miss it let alone care that something happened to it - that it no longer exist. That is really sad.

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