Wednesday, December 17, 2008

DIDing (Spacing) Out

I am sitting here trying to do things on the computer - head hurts because it is cold outside and plate in head makes it hurt even worse. It is coming out ASAP! Go to dr tomorrow to see when it can come out.

Kalisa popped out for awhile on here - always interesting to come back and find a different screen then what you were doing. She was gaming.

I was going to fix the cellar door - the one that leads into this room from the outside. Someone tried to get in last night around 3 AM. They didnt get to far! That bookcase was the best thing to set in front of it!
I was going to fasten it shut and put plastic over it from this side - cold draft comes from under it. Have to do it so it is a permanent thing.

But Kalisa popped out - I think it was because I did too much this AM and was starting to hurt really bad- chest pain and back pain - so I had to stop working and sat down here to rest and out she popped!

Wish she would clean! She is happy right now - got her a little ladder wall rack for her story books- put it together and she put her books on it. Now she has all her toys in one corner of the bedroom. That is "her" area.
All her other things -"babies" are in their "beds" in the living room and bedroom. Some of her beds for them are big and she has a real baby bassinet and several real baby bouncers for her"babies". They take up alot of room!

Just glad all the rest of this body's parts (30 some) dont pop in and out like Kalisa does! That would be too much for me to handle! Several do come out - Sadie is an adult part that is the "shopper". She did a real number with credit cards several Christmases ago.
There are several parts that come out here on the computer but not like Kalisa or Sadie or me.
And then a lot of the parts do collages and or write in journals. Most just do collages.

Well at least whoever tried to get in last night - didnt and Kalisa stayed in and here and safe. Maybe it wasnt the preps. Great! Just what I need - another kind of a**hole bothering me!!!
We have snow and ice right now- so I hope the preps keep away. It is way too cold for them to take her any where.

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