Friday, December 12, 2008

Left Staked out in the Rain

This is Kalisa's pic she drew about yesterday.
It rained yesterday -sometimes really hard. I know I lost the afternoon and from 6-12 mn last night .
You really cant see her pic very well.
But on the right the blue area Kalisa is laying there- she was staked down, naked, after being blind folded.
She then said the baddeds boyses did-ed dos baddeds fings toos hers.
Then they left her lay out in the rain like that for awhile.
It was cold out there yesterday!
I guess that is why I have a cold and my back hurts really bad. Also have a cut- rather bad one- on one toe. That is bad for this body - it has diabetes.
Kalisa was so happy the day before this. Had gotten to see her special person and had ice cream with her and was in such a good mood.
I saw what the littles wrote on here.
They do do that once in awhile. Banish the adult alters to wherever- usually a cave.
Also the bad alters do that.
I feel so tired and need peaceful, restful sleep. But that never happens when you have to sleep with one eye opened all the time to make sure there isnt anyone coming in to get you or trigger you and then rape and hurt you.
When will this ever stop?

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