Monday, March 9, 2009


I hate liars! But then I think almost everyone does.

So why then do people think you are stupid and lie to you?

This body is totally useless. Our lives are totally meaningless. No one cares. No one calls, no one comes by, there is absolutely NO outside contact except for doctors. And why go to them? Only to get more pills shoved down my throat. And for what? A pill collection?

I let K out alot - there really isnt any reason even for me - Elizabeth. Kalisa is sometimes just happy playing. But the desertion is even getting to her. She is getting to the point where she doesnt care if the "badded boyses" do anything to her. That is because there isnt anyone out there that cares - basically who gives a damn!

Loneliness is like hate - it can consume you.

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