Monday, March 9, 2009

SO Sad

I am so sad!
I check the posts from a person "we" know and it is so amazing how her and Kalisa's collages have the same themes and types of pictures in them on them same days.
Kalisa says it is because of "their silber freds" (silver thread).
That is part of their bond - but it is really spooky to see the similarities in the collages and know that both of them were working on them at approximately the same time. But the collages have different meanings for each person.

Why am I sad?
Because I know that Kalisa's misses her"friend" so much and is so in tune with her that it hurts me. And I think I shed just as many tears because of this as Kalisa does because of not seeing or hearing from her friend.
How do you explain the reason of why all this is happening to an innocent 4 yr old?

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