Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Another sleepless night

Cant sleep again - took some pills to see if they would help.
Between the ft and the mouth (fell with a fork in my mouth over 6 months ago-the prong of the fork went into the gum and it never healed-tunneled up into the cheek and towards the nose and -yes gross-drains blood and pus).  That will be oral surgery-have to be put to sleep for that.
As a child our father took us to a dentist who hit you if you didnt sit still - so this body avoids dentists- and it carries over to Kalisa.  If she knows we are going to a dentist-she wont let ANYONE come out to get us there!
So maybe these pills will kick in soon and we can sleep-I think we are pretty many nights without sleep.....

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