Monday, November 29, 2010

Watched by Government

To anyone who is a survivor of abuse and thinks they are being watched by the government.......

I was informed of a program the gov has- it originally was created for AWOL soldiers...
but they can pull you up by any bank card, credit card, etc and at that moment can tell where you are by the last transaction of the card- and even if a ATM card - not only can they tell where and exact time- but what you purchased!

And with new phones coming out that are GPS-they can tap very easily into that and know where you are at the exact moment!

Let alone your computer - there are people in the different branches of the government that are called "watchers" - all they do ALL day is watch what is going on on peoples computers- you are flagged if certain words are used several times - and then you are on their list to watch and whether you are a threat.......

How do I know? The host's son was offered a job as a watcher but turned it down (he said after he heard you had to raise your hand to go to the bathroom and escorted in and out the room where he would work) he said that was a little too much for him. That was the Army -then the FBI offered him the same job-turned them down to!

But a buddy of his was trained on the AWOL program and not only ran the son's name, but my name also(they found out that I was at Walmart and what I bought). He was still talking to his buddy when I got home and I was asked if I knew a person - I said yes - It was I person I knew and they ran that person-not only did she come up but came up as "flagged" which means they are watching her on her computer and ALL computers at that address! Why they ran her name-son was thinking of people that we knew -he had heard me say her name several times-they ran alot of peoples names that day - the whole family - ex's - etc. 
Yes this was all done illegally by the guy - he said it was a new program and he was just testing it and just needed names of people to run. 
This was 2 yrs ago!  SO that means that person has been watched for about the last 2 years!

My computer isnt being watched right now-but it was when I was living in PA.
How do I know - the host's son told us. He knew that right after he went in the ARMY both the computer and the phone were being monitored by the gov. Thats when he found out about the "watchers".
Guess Kalisa isnt any interest to them right now.

Probably after this entry- I will be "flagged"!
OH well- hey guys-how about a job? Does it pay good?
So we DO NOT have freedom of speech and we DO NOT have privacy in are homes.

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