Friday, November 26, 2010

Overheard K conversation

This is Crystal - I over heard K talking to her "babies" today.
She was telling them about the "gov-ment" watching on the computers.  She was saying that her "friend" that they are watching shouldnt write about stuff that makes them watch her- such as the last couple of days about airports and the gov themselves.  That is why she ended up on the watch list.
K was kinda cute "explaining" things to her babies.  Love the way she says big words!

K has been busy with making her "picsures" on ployvore.  She made a "picsure" letter to Santa with what she wants for "Kiss-miss".  I know she would like  a baby Gracie doll but there is another doll we would like to get first.  Have to see if we have enough money to send in the first payment-it is rather expensive but quite unique-we will have to wait and see.

Go to the ft dr on Tues-they should take out the rest of the pins out of the toes. That ft really hurt bad today-pain pills didnt even take care of the pain! Not suppose to walk on it for at least another 6-7 wks.  Right! with K-that is like telling her not to eat a piece of candy after she has it in her mouth!

Well K is telling me I have been out long enough! She is sooo strong when it comes to controlling this body! Till later!

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