Sunday, November 21, 2010

LOst Time

Seems like "we" have lost time again....hours where I (Crystal) do not remember want has been going on in the life of this body.
We had our foot operated on and in a wheel chair because we do not have the strength to do the crutch thingy... did have a split cast on and that was taken off last week and one pin pulled from one toe -still have 2 pins in 2 toes and a plate that will stay in the big toe ... this is all the left foot...
that was the one the "badded boys"ran over a while back.... one time when they took Kalisa and tortured her.
Cant do much..cant walk the dog-just let her out the door and watch that she doesnt run off.  The tortoises like to bite at the dressing that is now on the foot-in a walking cast boot but am not allowed to walk on it for another 8 wks!  Right! Tell that to Kalisa! She is walking on the heel all the time!  She isnt doing too much - the foot hurts too bad to do anything.
Oh here she comes !
My turns-es  now !  Eyes  nots  wrights  heres  ins  a wongs  wongs  times-es!
My  mommys  briff-days  bees  de utters  days.  Eyes  gibes  hers  a briff-days  cards  ons  poly-bores.  Eyes  hopeds  dats  she  sees  its.  Eyes  wishes  she  gibes  mees  a wittles  wetters  or  picsures.

Eyes  writeds  Santa  a wittles  wetters  toos.  Eyes  hopeds  dats  he getteds  its.  Eyes  hopeds  dats  eyes  getteds  my Kiss-miss-es  prizes  dats  eyes asseds  fors.  Eyes  onlys  asseds  fors  one  fings.
It  soons  bees  times-es  fors  turkeys -butts  we  nots  habes  none  dis years.  Cuz  we  bees  toos  poors  and nots  habes  nuff stamps  toos  getteds  ones.
Eyes  justeds  hopeds  dats  eyes  getteds  my  Kiss-miss-es  prizes  dis  years.  Eyes  nots  getteds  nuff-fings  lasts  years.

Eyes  justeds  bees  sews  saddeds.  Nobodys  talkeds  toos  mees  heres  no mores  and no bodys  gibes  me  picsures or nuff-fings.  Eyes  finks  deys  all forgets  bouts  me  now.
Maybees  eyes  makeds  a new  picsures  nows.

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