Wednesday, October 15, 2008

10.15.08 Just Another Nite

Well, just another nite like the rest! For Kalisa that is.
I dont remember hearing a trigger but she did and came out and went with the "badded boyses" as she calls them.

She was crying when I came back out. She told me in her 4 yr old language - "Eyes tell-weds those badded boyses dats eyes genna froes ups and dey nots wistens toos mees and den eyes froed ups on dems. Den deys getted maddeds ats mees and called mees bi**h and cu**head (whats dats means?)"
So they brought her back here to the house.
So an over nite stay was out! Thank goodness for vomit!!!! It saved this body a nite of abuse!!!!!
She made a drawing - if I ever figure out how to put them on here I will revise the entries with the drawings she made. She usually does a drawing after each episode of being taken. Some are very graphic!

But this is what happens to this body - I, Elizabeth can be doing something and then there is a trigger that I am not aware of - I know of several sounds and smells that are triggers - and Kalisa comes out and goes with the "badded boys".

They have quit coming inside since August when a very kind person tried to help and it involved the police being here. So the "badded boyses" no longer trust this house as being a place for them to abuse Kalisa. They take her to a barn or a cabin and rape her repeatedly there. They make verbal threats of killing her, throwing her in the river, killing her friends or her dog. They take her toys from her so the next time they just say they have a toy of hers and she opens the door. She is a sharp cookie because she knows that toy is missing - so when they say they have it - remember she is only 4 yrs old- so she opens the door to get her toy back! They havent done that one for awhile. They are using triggers that I am not aware of or taking her when she goes out with the dog.

But at least tonight was a reprieve. Maybe they will let "us" alone for acouple of days.

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