Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bad Long Weekends 10.14.08

Well, I flunked adding pics to this site. Maybe one of these times I will get it right. Kalisa has drawings she had made from the weekends that she is taken and abused

There for awhile it was almost every day but a Monday. Now it is any day of the week. And new triggers have popped up.
But mostly now it is the weekends

Last Thursday thanks to the dog (Tierra a 6 lb black poodle) the perp was foiled!
I had gone to the grocery store late 10PM - I hate shopping- and I pulled up to the back door to unload the car - left the back door opened and the dog was standing there looking out.
Well a person ( by the outline a man) came walking up to me and about half way the dog started to really bark! Well the guy who lives above me and the man upstairs next door - both came looking because they know they dog doesnt bark unless someone is around. Well off ran ran the perp! Saved one night

Thank you Tierra! (dog's name)

But that didnt help that weekend. (2 weekends ago) Kalisa was trigged and taken Fri-Sunday night. One place she is taken is a barn. There she is raped repeatedly and abused. Left in the cold,dark barn by heself overnight.
If she is lucky they leave a blanket for her.

This past time it was a cold weekend. Before it got too dark she built a "hay house" to stay warm. At least that is what I get from her drawings.
If she is lucky she smuggles a cell phone which she calls the "wittle phoneses"
with her. She doesnt know how to dial a phone for help - the phone is programmed by voice. There is only one person she calls - only gets that person's voice mail- but it give Kalisa a sense of security hearing that person's voice and makes her feel a little safe when in such an unsafe place.

They left her there in the barn till Sunday night. They "de badded boyses" as Kalisa calls them - came and went and did as they please all weekend.
Kalisa because of the new medication for the heart - is all bruised up! This poor body looks like it was beat all over!

Kalisa's spirit is disappearing. She was just at a point where she was telling the "badded boyses" no she didnt want to play their games.
This past weekend they took her but brought her back after one after noon.
No spunk left in her - I dont know if that is why they brought her right back.

The triggers still work to get her out - but there isnt anything there to stop her.
Internal parts just seem not to be there. There is a feeling of total emptyness inside. This has happened before - but the emptyness feeling was not like this.

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