Thursday, October 2, 2008

10.3 The Forgotten Wounded Child

My story really begins when I am four years old.
But I will start with today - I an 54 years old and I have DID.
Dissociative Identity Disorder.

I am a nurse by trade - 35 years but am no longer working due to a rather lengthy list of medical problems. Just had heart surgery this week.
I stopped working almost 3 years ago after going to my primary doctor and complaining about "loosing time".
I would loose the whole weekend and not remember anything that happened. My car would be moved and the gas tank empty. Things would be laying around that were bought at stores - and I had no memory of buying them.

For two years my primary doctor kept telling me she wanted me to see a psychiatrist. I was still working at this time. I finally gave in and went to one. She was very nice and she said that she couldn't help me. But did give me a name of a therapist that saw people with DID. That is what she said I had. DID. Excellent blog site about DID-know dissociation Explains what it is. Suggest reading about DID at this blog site for a better understanding of what DID is.

So I started to see this therapist. She evaluated me and told me the same thing- I have DID. She wanted me to see her once a week. So I went once a week to her office and we started out by just talking. What was happening now with the lost time. And I had to quit work. I did not want to harm a patient that I was caring for.

And when things started to be remembered - I was shocked!!!!!!
I was in therapy for about 6 months before another "part" made herself known.
A four year. An innocent four year old girl who has been sexually abused by a relative! And unfortunately is still being sexually abused today!!!!

This is what my story is about. The child abuse, DID, the ignorance and neglect
of authorities to help me and the way I have been treated by medical staff and police departments and other people in positions to help. The lack of understanding and help.
The ridicule - called the "crazy lady"- raped repeatedly and not believed by law enforcement.

This is my story - a sad story - but just maybe someone out there will be "saved" by it - if they understand what is happening and can save just one innocent child from abuse. Listen - just listen to the innocent cries of a child - believe them even if the story seems incredible. It really does happen!

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