Thursday, July 8, 2010

Been bothering me......

This is Crystal- since the day in April when we moved ... something has been bothering me - maybe if I tell about it it wont bother me so much.
I remember packing up the car and it was around 2 AM that morning ( a bad time for us because the preps where usually around that time of the AM )  but after getting into the car I do not remember the next 10 hours - even though we ended up in Norton, VA ( the next town over from Wise maybe 10 miles over) but going the wrong way - out of town - so we called Frank and told him we where lost.  He got us turned around and we found our way to "our new house".
I dont remember stopping for gas- which we would have twice and stopping to potty the dog - which would have been when we stopped for gas.  Also the drive only takes 8 hrs  not 10 hrs !!!!
Also it seemed as though the car seat had been moved back!  So that would mean someone else drove my car!
So how did I get the 8 hrs down the road?
Who got me there?  How did I get there-here?
That is what is bothering me.....
What happened to me ?  Those 2 extra hours?
Did the perps know I was leaving and get Kalisa and have a "last 2 hrs " with her?
Do they know where I am now?
There are times when there is the smell of cigarette smoke outside my bedroom window since we moved here-that is a trigger for her...I dont think she has gone out......but then......
And the rain storms here are fiercee ones- harder and more lightening and thunder....they are really really bad!
Another trigger for Kalisa... but at least there are not any train whistles!
I wonder what happened ????

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