Thursday, July 29, 2010

Betrayed !

We just signed in on here and found out that our therapist who said she retired is now starting to see clients!
Kalisa feels so hurt and betrayed!
We still DO NOT have a therapist and will not be seeing one because we would have to drive 80 miles one way !
Not feasible! And in the winter wouldnt be able to make it there most of the time because of the weather !
She could at least talk to her once in awhile (here on the computer-just a note with Hi in it or comment on her pics once in awhile)- or at least let her call her phone and hear her voice even if she couldnt leave a message.
All of this is so unfair !
Not a good state of mind to be in before a surgery.
She just doesnt know how much this would help K - help her state of mind, depression that she is in - and just K's whole state of being !
Why wont she consider this? To understand this might help K heal.....
What do we do ?
She knows she is the only one that can help K..........

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