Sunday, July 25, 2010

Weekend rain

So what else is new!  Always rains on the weekend! Poor K never seems to get a break on the weekend!
She did a real nice hairdo awhile ago!
She wont go and get a hair cut since all the head surgery - says  "dey pulls  my heads-es  whens  dey cuts  its" - so she refuses to get it cut.  So therefore it is the longest it has been in many years!
But it is hot on the neck and she must have been bothered by it so she took some large hair clips and just clipped it all over-up off the neck!  Some hairdo!  But then it was a 4 yr old style!  Good thing she cant make rubber bands work in the hair!  Hate to see what that would look like if she could.

Well there wont be a therapist - thought we would get one - but would have to drive TWO  hrs to see one.
That is not practical.  So back to no therapist.  So we will be DID forever!
Terry peeked out the other day.
Brandon-her 9 yr old grandson has Aspergers syndrome. An ADHD.  He has such a hard time in school. (school starts here in 3 wks)   And Evan her 4 yr old grandson is showing signs of both.
How does the saying go ? God doesnt give you more then you can handle?
But when does it ever stop?

When do we get help that we need?
How are we to help them when we need help and support that we dont get?
We lost alot of support when we got cut off the adult survivor site - miss talking with some of the people
on there.  Wish we could still be a part of the group.  It was nice belonging to a group that understands you.
Still is unfair that one single person is allowed to judge you and decide for a whole group that they can do that to you.  The people that are still faithful to us also found it unfair.
She did to us what the rest of society does to us every day.

Well it stop raining - K wants out..........

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