Thursday, May 19, 2011

FREEDOM 5.19.11

This is Crystal
This not only is about freedom from the life we have know these past 57 years... yes it has been 57 years.
Only this past year Kalisa has been "safe" from the horrors of the perps that have abused her all those years.
She still fears the rain-they usually came for her during a rain storm and took her where ever and abused her..but this is not only about that kind of freedom.

This is also about freedom of speech and freedom from fear..........freedom of speech starts now for "us".
We- really Elizabeth- a grow up part - had asked someone to tell our story.  But that someone got angry with us and we just recently found out that "our" story has disappeared, reappeared and disappeared again.
So we had to check this out - but what is so upsetting is the truth for the "disappearing" part was not told.

"We" are the Katie (Kalisa) and Christina (Terry)  from the blog site Believe the Children.  Elizabeth gave permission to tell our story.  Oh there are still parts in there- such as being afraid of police, firemen and ambulance & train noises - and the ER and the way we were treated.  And there are bits and pieces in there that refer to things that happened to us - but the real reason the story was removed was because someone thought a pic on ployvore was about them - but it wasnt - it had to do with a man on the phone that day that called me every name in the book!  So I did a pic about how I felt.

The results were - Kalisa had a fluff friend she petted every day blocked so she is no longer able to pet this little fluff friend. And we are blocked from other sites also.
This may all sound trivial but to Kalisa it isnt.  This is her life - her "babies" (dolls) her "poly-bore"  and her fluff friends.  She doesnt have any "freedom".   She has not learned how to "trust" bigs and with no one to help us learn - we are like the middle pic- our hands are tied - where/when is the freedom?

We have been silent about this out of fear- yes fear..... to speak about this when it has been bothering us... but then we remembered something- "no one can make you feel guilty unless you let them".
Well doesnt that go for the same thing when it comes to fear?   So if we state how we feel about it-like they say write it down - well that is what we are doing......a little bit of therapy here!
And the same goes for the sayings by the girl jumping from the bird cage!

And as far as time-well maybe the heart will give out before "we" ever know what real freedom is from the perps and fear from others - but this is one thing that we are no longer going to fear-this is all part of "our" story and we have every much right to tell it like it is. And we did not choose to make it part of our story-it was made for us but we are telling it.

The heart has stabilized - for now-  but the last surgery did not go well with the injury to the face and there was suppose to be a repeat -yesterday- but due to the blood- we take blood thinners for the heart- it could not be done.  Not until the clotting factor is higher-doc said he didnt want us bleeding all over the place on him.!  So that is postponed for another month!  We are not happy with the time frame on that!  I think he is waiting too long!

As far as the brain surgery-the leak has stopped-that was scary! And made your head hurt alot!
And I dont know how much of "our" story was on there about K's other fears - but some of it can be found here. WARNING ****  there are some pics and somethings that may be triggers**** So please be careful and be safe.

Kalisa is still her sweet 4 yr old self-no matter what people do to her.  She is so use to abuse that even now no matter what kind of abuse it may be... well she kinda just goes with the flow.   But she shouldnt be condemned and lied to.
And as they say - "if the truth hurts" -  tuff !!!!!

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