Saturday, May 14, 2011


This is Crystal-surgery will be Tuesday not Monday.
I hope that they can get the whole cyst and the infection out of that side of the face.
I am really over this!
Took the last antibiotic this AM - 3 weeks of super doses 2x a day - but it is not gone.
Can still squeeze the cyst and the crap still comes out.  I hope it doesnt get worse by Tues.
I have been really depressed.  I just feel someone else should be doing all this and not me-but there isnt any one.

Well K wants to write a note.
Dis bees  Kawesa
Eyes getting baby gracies  Mondays.  He bees  ats  de post offices.  Eyes  nameds  my utters  new babys  Corries.  He  bees a  grwhirls  babys.  He  bees  a goodeds  babys.
Now  eyes  gennas  dews  picsures.

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