Monday, May 2, 2011

SURPRISE ! SURPRISE ! written by Terry the Host of this Body

Well I guess I can say "Its my turn  now!"   This is Terry - the host of this run down abused body!
I checked out of reality about 6-7 yrs ago.  One day during therapy I decided that there wasnt any sense staying around since I couldnt work as a nurse any more.  The drs wouldnt or should I say didnt want me to work any more because of the DID and MS.  So by the age of 50  I was "retired".  And I can honestly say - I would sooner work then just sit around.  And with the last dr report- going both deaf and blind-why sit around? Wont be able to anything or enjoy anything...............

So I left Elizabeth take over- a responsible adult part - she did good - but couldnt control Kalisa.
No one can control Kalisa except her "new mommy" - who ditched her.  She could at least do a one liner of hi how are you or make her a picture.  That is all the kid needs to stay satisfied by her.  I mean she isnt asking her to be her therapist!

I see Kalisa has added to my doll collection-she has good taste!  I know she calls them her "babys".
 I do listen once in a while at what is going on  on the outside- especially with the drs.
That one dr did a number on my foot!  I can see why there is a wheel chair sitting in the kitchen! It is a wonder that I can stand on it!  I see why Crystal says that it needs redone.  That dr butchered it good!

And then this mess with the face- that dr needs sued!  A staph infection!!!!!  You get that mainly by unsterile technique during surgery!  If Crystal wouldnt have gone to another dr I would be dead by summer from it!
And the brain surgery - and Kalisa watching all the surgery from out of body.  Neat thing there that she can do.  And that thing being tied to her new mommy by that "silver thread"  as she calls it.  That kid can be a little strange at times.

I also see that there are a few more pets around.  When I decided to leave I only had a 6 lb poodle.  Now there are  4  - yes  4 red footed tortoises  in the house !  Crystal says that they are (2) 3 yr olds and (2) 4 yr olds and the oldest pair look like they are male and female- just what we need!
I have acquired a new flute and djembe drum.  The organ died so it didnt make the trip here to VA.  And books!  All kinds of books!  Looks like I have my very own library!

But the same old slow computer.  Crystal stated we had a small lap top which was stolen by the moving men along with a bunch of other stuff.  Some of the stuff K was very upset over when she found out that they stole it.
Too bad the district attorney's office didnt fix this thing when they had it for a year!  Yeah- the one that was thrown in jail for being a perp!  They had this hard drive for a year after they found out that the preps had tapped into it.  Guess he got his hands on it before they found anything and erased it.  It use to do really weird things and be turned on when I would get home(live alone).

The preps were still coaxing K to open the door and let them in or they would take her up until last April when we moved out of state.  Now we only have to worry about 1 guy 2 streets over - who doesnt know about our DID and past abuse.  The beginning of this blog was started when K was still being taken.   Has some of her hand drawn art work-warning is a little graphic sometimes.  Now she does most her work on "poly-bores"  as she calls it.

She does enjoy her friends that she has made there- she doesnt have anyone to talk to at all.  Only her poly friends.  No therapist here- live ON  top of a mountain!  Nothing here- no drs around-no one who even knows what DID is !And even a 2 hr drive- no dr there for DID either!
We plan to move after  my son has custody of his 2 sons.  Which might be soon.  Thank goodness for that!

Well I guess I will go back to "my place".  Nice a peaceful, quiet, relaxing-no worries-my very own little world!
I like it and just might stay there forever!  Not needed here any more... so.......Terry

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