Sunday, May 1, 2011

Overdue Posting

Well we didnt like the results of all the dr appointments last month!  And everytime we go we just get more appointments!
The CT of the head showed that the MS is getting worse-not surprised at that.  It has been so stable that is was soon time to hear that it was getting worse!
And the neck! Well every vertebrae in the neck has something wrong with it! And none of that is fixable!  SO that is just more pain that we have to live with!

And this face thing! I am well over that!  I am so tired of that pain and the horrible drainage(in the mouth) !
I fired the dr who did the surgery -last week.  And am going to a dr who actually is helping the problem!
He drained the cyst and got 45 + cc of fluid out of it.  That is alot fluid!  The other dr would not drain it.
He just kept saying "It is healing-there isnt anything wrong with it."
Yeah -right!  It has eaten the bone away in 2 places, eaten down through the sinus track and the crappy fluid is a staph infection-which he was not treating because according to him-"there is nothing wrong with it".

So now I am on 3 weeks of antibiotics!  And have to have surgery on it again! (May 17th) !
Thank you turkey butt doctor!!!!
I just hope the the numbness on the left side of the face goes away!  I end up chewing or biting my lip because I cant feel it!

I think on Tuesday we have to go to the eye dr-she is doing more testing on the eyes because we are going blind!  That will be terrible! Kalisa wont know what to do if we cant see!
And we should be getting our hearing aids any day now.  That will be nice-we will be able to hear the TV now!

And that poor foot didnt heal right from the surgery in Nov.  So that has to be redone!  This body is just one great big mess!
And I still would like a better or different job as an alter!  Or better yet- just do what Terry and Elizabeth did-leave and not come back!
This is too much for a 16 yr old!

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