Friday, November 14, 2008

11.14.08 mad! mad! mad!

Really, really angry! To know that a person takes advantage of another person - especially when they have to resort to using DID to get what they want! That they do not have the courage themselves to use their own brain and act adult enough but prey on a person who has DID and use a 4 yr old personality to get their jollies!

"We" where taken again. Poor Kalisa! She is so terrified right now. She doesnt know who to trust. After what they did to her Halloween night and then taking her again and locking her in a cage.

Kalisa didnt have much to say this last time - she drew pictures and talked a little.

She said that they were going to "dumps mees in de bigs waters". By that she means they were going to throw her in the river.

This is the picture she drew. She said they went in a little boat and they picked her up and held her over the side of the boat.
They are so mean and cruel!

This time around they hepled themselves to my medication. Because of my medical problems I have pain pills and sleeping pills.
Kalisa said that they gave her "boo" ones - blue pills. That would be the sleeping pills. And then they gave her a little white pill. That could have been either a sedative or pain pill. So they sedated her to do whatever they wanted to do to her! The cowards!

This is MY art work of how I feel right now!
Not one of my better "anger" ones but my scanner quit on me.
The creeps!
I am not allowed to "state" on here what I would do to them if I got a hold of their bodies!

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