Thursday, November 20, 2008

3 AM Creeps

I dont think there has been a nite this week that there have not been prowlers outside my place.
Tonight they have a new tactic - if you want to call it that.

I have a little side porch which has an outside door to this room. This is an old house so the rooms are a little on the weird side and even more so since they split the place up into apartments. I use the porch to store outside stuff since I do not have a little shed or such to store things. (shovel, rake, hose, etc)
Well tonight whoever must want Kalisa - she was out playing her games on here and when she heard the person/persons out on the porch she went into her panic mode and tried to send an email to a friend of hers in hope that that person would keep her mind occupied and off the perps outside. But that person had just signed off for the night!
She didnt know what to do.

They were trying something new - knocking very quietly on the outside door which is only 3 ft from this computer! That door on this side is blocked by a triple dresser.
I guess they couldnt see in the window - there are mini blinds up but tonight I hung curtains over them! All windows are now in the "unable to see inside" mode! Guess the perps dont know what to do about that.
But Kalisa did take a flash light and went outside to look at the porch!
She is so trained to respond!

But I guess when they heard the back door open they fled! That door sticks really bad since they put some rubber insulation around it - there was an inch gap at the bottom and about a quarter in gap on the side - so the maintenance man made it really tight and now it is hard and noisy to open. So a person could hear that door being opened and has time to run!

But they came back! Not once but twice! But Kalisa did not go out to them!
Yahhhh for her! That is a first!
They are so annoying!

They have taken a toy of hers in the past and then come back the next night or weekend (most happens on the weekends) and stand on the other side of the door and taunt her till she opens the door for them and then they either take her or in the past before moving here - did whatever they wanted right there in the house!

The dog barks when they are around - she does not like them. And she is a dog that likes anybody and goes to everyone - but not them. They must have hit her or did something that she is afraid of them.

At least they have left the 4 baby redfooted tortoises alone. They are in a very large "condo" - so they are caged and not out and about. But next summer 2 of them will be old enough to be out for awhile during the day.

They only seem to come around after dark right now. The day time visits have stopped. There are new neighbors and that lady with small children are home all day and in and out of their house. So the day time events have ceased for now. That is good - I guess.

I just hate the "lost time". Kalisa does not like to talk about when they take her and what they have done to her. Sometimes I can tell and guess some of what was done to her because of the aches and pains that the body experiences afterwards. Or the bruises that I find that I dont remember getting. Like ones around the wrists or ankles that you can tell that she was tied up.
This is a picture that Kalisa drew after being taken and tied up outside in the woods. The perp also had a bat or club of some kind and told Kalisa if she didnt do as they ask they would hit her.

At least the last time they took her they didnt take her to the barn! They took her to a one room log cabin. That is the way she described it. She said they left her there and she stayed warm by "throwing sticks in the fires". She knew if she kept the fire going she would be warm and she said that there were a "piles of sticks insideds the cabins".
She is trying to come out right now. I guess I should stop and go to bed for awhile. If she comes out she wont sleep. She just lays there in bed trying not to hear what is going on outside. Sometimes she plays a storybook tape - it is a tape of her friend reading some of her story books to her. It does help her to listen to the story rather then the outside noises.
Some nights the tapes have "saved" her from the perps.

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