Sunday, November 16, 2008

Computer & perps

I hate those perps! I know exactly what I would do if I got a hold of them!
They would be maimed for life!

They like to mess with my computer! They do it by remote access. My desk top is really messed up because of them and now they are messing with this little laptop that a friend was so nice to give me. (She got a new pink one for Christmas last year)

I just spent a half an hour on the phone to Comcast. My main email address would not let me sign in! The guy at comcast gave me a new pass word and then he was able to access it from his end but I still could not sign in. After he had me do a few other things to settings I was then able to sign in.

They also messed with a home site on face book. It was not mine but a gaming friend's homepage - they deleted all their info on their home page! That was last nite. but this AM my gaming friend cked her page and the info was back!

This is the kind of things they have been doing to me for at least the last three years.
They would access the remote access and then find out where I was going if I had sent someone an email and then follow me. Or know if I was at home and come and use a trigger to get Kalisa to come out.

The Assistant District Attorney office got involved with my case when the local police department didnt help me with people coming into my house when I wasnt home. It was obvious that someone was in the house-things would be moved and they even ate my food! The dog and cats would not greet me at the door if someone had been in the house and the chain latch would be unlocked.

My desk top computer was taken to the District Attorney's office to see if they had left anything on the computer. They had it for at least 3 months
When it was returned I was told they didnt find anything on it.
But why would they! The District Attorney was just recently charged with being a pedophile!
So if there was anything on my computer that the pedophiles left on it - I am sure it was removed permantently and I will never know if something was there.

This is just one thing more that I have to put up with on a daily bases.
My health is failing. I dont think the heart procedure did what it was suppose to do. I now have to take extra medicine so I can just sit here at the computer so my hands will work.
I dont sleep at nite because that is when "they" prowl around the apartment I moved into in May.

I had the police out here at 12:45 AM 2 nites ago.
There is an outsidet trap door the leads down to a dirt cellar. I cant put a lock on it because there is a gas meter that needs read monthly by the gas company.
There is an inside door from that cellar that leads up into the room I am now sitting in. I have a bookcase infront of the door. There is not a lock on the door and the landlord will not put one on it.

Two nites ago I noticed a light shining above the bookcase after I turned off the room light. It was midnight and there should have not been a light on down there. The meter man had been here the week before.
So I called the police. They did come faster then the other police department.(I moved to a different township)
They cked out the cellar and turned off the light. They said no one was down there but they think that someone may have been "scoping out" the place and come back.

I think they have already been in here. My camera and a few other items are missing. The items were not all taken at the same time. I
I have changed the locks on the doors.
But this doesnt seem to stop them. The last house I had replaced the locks so many times - I have a door knob collection that I really dont want!

Why cant they just leave me alone!
There is one person who wont even come to my houswe because of them!(perps)
That is theyonly person who believes me - about the DID.
I have absolutely no support from anyone on this - DID.

My therapist took medical leave and doesnt know if she will be coming back to work. I tried to get into another therapist and there just arent that many around that work with DID. There is a 6 to 12 month waiting list.

My psychiatrist "fired" me! Yeah -she "fired" me! She was so rattled that my 40 min appointment lasted 10 mins! She doesnt believe in DID. And she said she "couldnt work with me so I am firing you. OOOPs! I mean I am discharging you from my service because I just cant work with you".

That is exactly what she said. I had only been going to her for the following of medication and my family dr wanted me to go back to her because of all the surgeries I had had and new meds -so I went. After filling her in on the DID stuff- that was when she got rattled. And she thinks she cant handle just hearing about what I go through! She should live just one weekend of my life!
Then she would have something to be rattled about!

So besides just handling the DID and Kalisa can be a handful sometimes - there are other parts of my life that these creeps mess with - and then there is the no support and the non-believers in the professional world - such as the drs and police departments and their superiors. They follow under the "no help" list.

So how is a person to "heal" when all of this is going on every single day?

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