Tuesday, November 25, 2008


It is raining. Kalisa is petrified right now. Rain is a trigger for her. She knows
when it rains she is usually taken by the "badded boyses" and raped .
I cant stop her or them.
She has a stronger personality then me and can just take over and come out if there is a trigger. She was just out and went back in and is trying so hard to stay inside.

But my head hurts so bad with her trying not to come out- I dont think I will be able to stay out and in control - I feel that at any minute I am going to loose the battle - that means she will be taken out in the cold and the rain.
I hope they dont drop her off in the city if they take her tonight. She can never find the "boo door" (blue) of the one person she knows in the city - a safe person to her.

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