Saturday, November 22, 2008

Lost in the Cold

I know that Kalisa was "out" last night.
Not only "out" DID wise but also out in the cold.
At least "they" the perps dont take her to the barn when it is this cold but to the "wittle cabins" as Kalisa calls it.
They didnt keep her over night but dumped her off in the city at night.
How she ends up back home I dont know.

I do know that she once again was looking for a friend's house. The one with the "boo" (blue) door. She didnt find it but it looks like she called her on the "wittle phones". (cell phone)

She must not have been very cooperative for them. Her punishment for that is they give her a laxative before dumping her off somewhere. I guess if they cant "enjoy her" then she cant enjoy anything. So they make her life miserable even if she isnt around them.

This body once again has a cold. I guess this winter it will always have one. This apartment is cold and with them taking her out in the cold and dumping her off on such a cold night - it is not surprising.
I wish they would let her alone. My health is failing and I dont know how much "cold" it can handle till I have pneumonia.

I dont know what all they gave her - I know they gave her a laxative but they must have given her something else - the mind is not clear and cant think straight right now.

I know with all the medication I take that it is so easy for them to slip her something. I checked the bottles the other day. There are bottles that should be full that now only have a few pills in them. So it looks like they helped themselves to refill their supply. There are also bottles themselves missing.
I wonder if they have Kalisa bring the bottles to them -

The chain was off the back door this AM when I went to take the dog out. And she wouldnt eat anything this AM - I noticed that her food in the frig was less then what I remembered when I put it in last night.

To bad they didnt put all these books back on the 3 bookshelves! I am in the process of moving them so there are about 300 books laying around right now. And I dont have the energy to finish that right now.
I get so tired of this!

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