Friday, November 14, 2008

The Lies of Trust

Trust. That is something that "we" do not know. Along with being safe.
People tell you "things" . Sometimes it is just what they think you want to hear and they are not being truthful. You can tell that they are not telling the truth - you seem to have this radar that lets you know.

Who do you trust? No one. That is the safest way to live as a DID person.
You begin to trust a person and then find out that they are only saying things to pacify you. Good way to teach a person NOT to trust you.
And dont count on promises. That word does not exist in my world.

The DID world is am empty, lonely world. You are forgotten. Family and friends treat you like a leper or pretend that you do not exist.
With my medical conditions I could fall over dead at any time and I would lay here for days before some one would think to maybe- and I say maybe think about checking on me. The maggots probably would have already set up household when some one would come by to "see me".

You are not only lonely but also alone. A definite setup for depression.

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