Sunday, November 23, 2008

Space Cadet !

Guess there was someone out yesterday and today and I didnt even realize it!

Tried to join on twitter and I guess I did and then I didnt remember the user name! After a friend found it for me, she emailed it!
Dont remember the ending of joining that .
I dont think anyone went any where.

It seems lately that when I take my pain medication (have MS, arthritis, multiple tumors on my spine and presently a kidney stone) the mixture of the pain pill and the DID are really tripping me out!
That never happened before. I wonder what is up?

I know Charlie was out a couple of times lately. He is not an alter that needs to be out. I will have to find some of his art work. He is my "I want to die" alter.
I think he is in his 20's or something like that. Bad character. Needs to stay where ever he hides and permanently forget about coming out

That is just some of the firsts of Charlie's art work. His message of his job is quite clear. And he tried really hard there for a bit. Hasnt been out for a while. Thought maybe he went away.

Kalisa stayed in today which was nice. I was not up to a 4 yr old today. She found some more of her toys. I still have some things packed from moving. I just had too many surgeries right after moving and not permitted to lift over 10 lbs - so the unpacking just isnt getting done. And also I figured out that since I really dont like it here - it means that if all the stuff is unpacked then it is a more permanent thing living here. So I guess that has something with the unpacking.

Sometimes he (Charlie) keeps me awake at night - I stay up all night . Dont go to bed-something bad might happen if I do. He isnt as aggresive now as he was when he made himself first known.

But depression does that to you. You just have something extra to handle then other depressed people - they dont have alters to keep them busy.

Well the brain just isnt working too good today.Too much noise going on up there. They need to settle for the night so I can go to bed.

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