Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thank You

This portion of my blog is dedicated to my therapist or I should say the therapist I had. She is on medical leave herself and most likely will not be coming back.
Being a nurse, I know how many times I wish I had heard those two little words- Thank you. But you never got the recognition of the work or help done by being thanked.

So this is a Thank You to the person who helped me find out where those lost minutes went.
The person who showed me how to handle the hand that was dealt me - me who was unwanted and casted aside.
A person who had healed herself and who now unselfishly was giving and teaching others how to heal. She is a healer and she doesnt even know it.
She helped the broken to be restored and what was once lost be found.
The pain, fear, trust and hope destroyed by another human she understands and worked so diligently and gently to undo what had been done to me as a small child.

She showed her concern in many ways that even my own family didnt. She believed me. She stood up for me in some very difficult times. She tried to help when others didnt or wouldnt. She was always there when I needed to talk to her. She really cared. And that meant alot to me. No one ever was concerned about me before.
I was just left to care for my other siblings - forgotten and unwanted - a 4 year old who had to be an adult, robbed of her childhood, abused, neglected, never knowing what it is like to be loved or to be safe.

She showed me that you can be safe and that you life is worth living. She showed me that you can trust again. She opened up my heart to a whole new and different world.

And even though my abuse is still on going, she taught me that there is still hope - hope that one day people will believe what is really happening to
me and others, hope that one day I will be safe and able to live a life that I have never known in saftey, hope that I will heal from all the abuse and trust others one day, hope that the life I know now will be in my past forever and most of all , not to give upon hope - that there is always hope.

So when my depression gets really bad and things look extremely bleak to me - I remember her words about hope and the times she rescued me from myself and told me that there are people who do care about me and that my life is worth living.

DID is not an easy thing to handle. She knows that and understands.
She is going to greatly missed not only be me but others that she has helped to heal.

Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have done for me. It has all been greatly appreciated more then you know.
I wish for you a speedy recover from all you medical problems and that you will soon be back to your old self.

You are very special person. Not many people can do what you do.

Thank you and please take care of yourself. I wish you all the luck in the world and a wonderful and beautiful future for you.

Elizabeth, Kalisa and all the others

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