Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Kalisa Acting Out

Kalisa has her own way of acting out. She does do drawings, collages and recently she has been acting out on her fluff page.
To give her "time" on the computer she has a fluff and plays a couple of games on here.
Her fluff pic lately has represented some of her weekends when taken by the perps. Others have expressed how she must feel at the time the pic is made.
Some of them are rather dreary.
I will have to get her fluff address - her fluff is a frog named "baby silbesters"
She named him after a friend that has a zen garden with a little frog in it named Silvester.

Kalisa has been in and out all day today. She is very restless and frightened.
I cant get anything done around here when she does that. And she gets control over the body - she is stronger.

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