Tuesday, November 4, 2008

after halloween

Well after several weeks of being off in zombie land or where ever it is I go when Kalisa is out and I am not "here" I did get some of what went on while Kalisa was out.

I am going to be brave here and try inserting a pic!

Yeah! I did it ! For someone who is totally computer illerate!

This is the pic Kalisa drew after being "taken" last Thursday by the "badded boyses.

She is either taken to "the barnses, a cabins, the woods or an old houses".

You need to note here the Kalisa makes everything pleural - why I dont know but to her everything has a "s" on the end of it.

In this pic she said that "they" - the baddeds boyses - "putteds hers in a bigs nets." The way she described it it sounded like a large cargo net.

They then suspended it over a "pots of hots waters wiffs fires unders its."
She was naked when in the net and told if she didnt do what they wanted her to do then they would "burn her alive."

Can you imagine what this must do to a four year olds mind? First being striped of her clothes and the hung over a fire?

And after having that done to you - well of course you are going to do what they tell you do ! Which was lay still, no screaming or crying while being raped repeatedly and oral sex.

Then they left her in the barn all weekend and came back and forth as they wished.

Here is another pic she drew of the past weekend.
Kalisa said that after the "badded boyses" left she climbed up a ladder and found some straw. She "built" a house and crawled in it and found a blanket to keep her warm. She said that there were holesin the walls and she could see out them and the wind blew in.
It was cold that weekend.
She was kept there all weekend for them to come and go as they please.
Monday AM was when she was brought back home.

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